NCIS:LOS ANGELES – 901 premier promo

After Hetty turns in retirement papers and then disappears, Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley (Nia Long) arrives in Los Angeles to oversee the team and immediately makes staffing changes. Also, still mourning the death of his wife and living in a trailer on the beach, Sam is adamant that Callen find a new partner, on the ninth season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles, Sunday, Oct. 1 at 9:30/8:30c. Only CBS

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Short film featuring Daniela

Diogo Morgado wrote and directed a short film that features Daniela Ruah and Alberto Frezza

the film is about understanding and hope.
Even when we think nobody gets it…
There´s always someone who will.

Trailer version

the film version

Souorce: SLX youtube page

Trying to apply for another site which will be informed in here if it gets in but ignore this part of your reading about Daniela
(I have applied to host at Flaunt)

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Daniela been busey

Daniela has been a busy bee working over seas in Portugal working n a new campaign called TAP Portugal which seems to be a new air port lounge for premium passengers which can be seen at the Lisbon airport, which people might already know but if you dont, you can read about it here

She has been campaigning along with Portugal actor Joaquim de Almeida.

via danielaruahfans

Daniela Ruah and Joaquim de Almeida, the Portuguese actors with the most projection in the North American market, are the new ambassadors of TAP and are the protagonists in the new campaign of the airline company, especially directed to the american market.
“With very different personal profiles, they both have in common the fact that they are Portuguese actors who live in Los Angeles. They have successful careers in Hollywood but their roots are in Portugal. A country that, now, they want to show the world”, TAP explains in a public statement.

The actors will present TAP, especially in the USA, where they have great visibility, as “the best option to reach Portugal and Europe”, making known the services of the company and the country.

“Together, they will be responsible for presenting TAP – especially with the North American market, a strong bet of the company – as the best option to reach Portugal and Europe, showing, on the one hand, the products available – the new Airplanes, the new lounge, the new chairs, the ‘Stopover’ – and on the other, the country – food and wine, culture and traditions. In the background, your home, “says TAP.

The first presentation of Daniela Ruah and Joaquim de Almeida as ambassadors of TAP was the new TAP lounge at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon (see video above).

In a press release issued on Thursday, July 13, TAP announces that, in addition to the new products of the company already mentioned, the two actors will soon appear in a new surprise production to present more initiatives of the Portuguese airline.

SOURCE:portugese website publituris translation from danielaruahfans.

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Daniela on the GQ portugal cover

via Daniela

Quando te deixam brincar dentro de um motor de avião de fato de banho e botas de cowboy, dá nisto… ?

Estou TÃO contente por partilhar esta capa convosco que estará já amanhã nas bancas!
Também quero convidar-vos para vir ao Colombo em Lisboa dia 4 de Junho ás 18h30 para um Meet & Greet e tirar umas selfies 🙂 não se esqueçam da vossa cópia da GQ Portugal #gq ?

When they let you play inside the engine of an airplane in a bathing suit and cowboy boots, this is what you get… ?
I’m so excited to share this cover with you, out tomorrow!
I also want to invite you to a Meet & Greet at Colombo in Lisbon on June 4th at 6:30pm ! Don’t forget your copy of GQ Portugal ?

Naughty Boys ? by #branislavsimonik
#workingmom #photoshoot #workit #hanger #plane #engine #GQ #GQPortugal #cowboyboots #boots #woman #mulher #botas #motor#avião #danielaruah #Colombo #Lisboa #lisbon #portugal

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Help spread the word to Dani Fans is doing such a fun and creative fan project by making a project book for both Daniela and Eric who will be attending this year’s MCM Comic Con in London and Hanover.

This is what she says you can do to participate:

As you might have heard, Daniela and Eric will be attending MCM Comic Con both in Hannover and in London (again!), later this month.

Because the majority of the fans won´t be able to attend either events (and because this is indeed a wonderful fandom), some of the fans who are able to attend very generously thought of making it possible for all of you to still send your own message to both actors.
We were asked to spread the word and let you know how to participate in these two fan projects, consisting of hand-made fan books, one for Daniela and one for Eric.

Just read the rules for both projects and start participating! to read more check out the rest of the info HERE

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NCIS:LA early renewal plus other shows for Fall Season lineup…..

Sorry for not keeping up with the site, been busey with school. But here is some good news which has already been out for a while regarding the upcoming fall season for the network.


*Pick-Ups Include the #1 Scripted Program/Comedy, the #1 Drama, the #1 New Series, the #1 New Comedy and the #1 Newsmagazine*

*5 Freshman Series Part of Network’s Early Renewals*

CBS today announced early renewals of 18 returning series for the 2017-2018 season, displaying the programming depth and stability of America’s Most Watched Network. Additional returning series pick-ups for next season will be announced at a later date.

The shows renewed to date include 6 comedies, 9 dramas, 1 reality series, 2 newsmagazines and a roster of hit programs across every night of the week. They also include the #1 scripted program/comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY; the #1 drama NCIS; the #1 new series BULL; the #1 new comedy KEVIN CAN WAIT; and the #1 newsmagazine 60 MINUTES.

In addition, 5 freshman shows are part of the Network’s early renewals, including BULL, KEVIN CAN WAIT, MACGYVER, MAN WITH A PLAN and SUPERIOR DONUTS.

Following are the renewed series to date for the 2017-2018 season:

· 48 HOURS

CBS will finish the current season as America’s Most Watched Network for the 14th time in 15 years. The Network will announce its new fall 2017-2018 schedule on Wednesday, May 17 at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

* Renewals for THE BIG BANG THEORY and NCIS were previously announced.

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NCIS: Los Angeles – Episode 8.15 – Payback info


“Payback” – Emotions run high for the team as one agent is held in an unknown location and tortured by the mole, while another discovers he was betrayed by someone he least expected, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Feb. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Will @NCISLA team finally apprehend the mole that has haunted them for months? Find out tonight! 2/19 9PM #CBS

Chris O’Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen)
LL COOL J (Special Agent Sam Hanna)
Linda Hunt (Henrietta “Hetty” Lange)
Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye
Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Detective Marty Deeks)
Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beale)
Renée Felice Smith (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones)
Miguel Ferrer (Assistant Director Owen Granger)

Erik Palladio (CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino)
John M. Jackson (A.J. Chegwidden)
Kurt Yaeger (Sullivan / CIA Officer Ferris)
Elizabeth Bogush (Joelle Taylor)
Teddy Lane Jr. (LAPD Officer)
Anzu Lawson (Nurse)

WRITTEN BY: Jordana Lewis Jaffe
DIRECTED BY: Terrence O’Hara

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Paley Fest upcoming event

Tuesday, March 21: NCIS: Los Angeles (7:30 pm)
Chris O’Donnell, “G. Callen”
LL COOL J, ”Sam Hanna”
Linda Hunt, “Hetty Lange”
Eric Christian Olsen, “Marty Deeks”
Daniela Ruah, “Kensi Blye”
Barrett Foa, “Eric Beale”
Renée Felice Smith, “Nell Jones”
R. Scott Gemmill, Executive Producer
John P. Kousakis, Executive Producer

Plus additional guests to be announced

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NCIS: Los Angeles 8×06 Promo “Home Is Where the Heart Is”

Kenzi wakes up from he coma to find theres some problems

After a maintenance man saved the life of a lieutenant commander, the NCIS team uncovers his dark past which puts a local teenager in danger. Also, Sam must decide which colleague to take to the Los Angeles football game, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, October 30th on CBS

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daily actor interview Daniela

NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah is going to have a busy couple of months. She’s pregnant with her second child and her character, Kensi, is going to go through some major changes. She sat down for an interview at Comic-Con this summer to talk about how the show shot around her pregnancy and the “drastic” change that’ll happen to the NCIS team.

What’s in store for your character this season?

Daniela Ruah (DR): A lot is in store for this character. My pregnancy has brought on reasons to hide the pregnancy which has inspired a very particular story line for the season, at least the first half, but that’s all I know. Something very drastic happens to the whole team and Kensi’s affected by that a little more and that poses obstacles and a big long trajectory of for Kensi and Deeks (series star, Eric Christian Olsen). And also there is a proposal.

You guys spent eight days filming extra scenes with you and Eric Christian Olsen, was that to cover for maternity leave?

DR: Basically, yeah. When you guys watch the show on TV you won’t notice my absence even though I’ll be gone for a number of week’s pre-and post-baby. So, this whole first eight days of shooting has been spent doing all of my scenes from episode three to episode 10 or nine or whatever it is, so it’s that whole arc. And it’s not just Deeks, there a few other characters that we know and love who are involved in that too. But they basically had to get all of my stuff out of the way and in post-production they’ll edit it all together as if I’m not gone, which is really cool and I’m happy about that. I’m very happy to see how it’s gonna work out.

But it’s interesting to shoot your storyline in chronological order because we never do that. One day we’re at this location and you might be shooting something at the beginning of the episode and then the next day you’re in the bullpen doing something different, so to do it this way is really cool. We did it as well for my first pregnancy and it worked.

Is it difficult to do that because you’re so used to a certain way of shooting?

DR: No, it’s actually easier because what Kensi and Deeks have to go through is not an easy thing to play and so to not have to break that up in different episodes makes it easier. It’s much easier to play it every single day because you’re in the mindset, you’re there and it’s easier to keep your mind and energy where it’s supposed to be because it’s all done in a row versus breaking up until were laughing and we’re bantering and all the sudden we need to be in this very deep tragic place.

How is it filming while pregnant?

DR: Fine. I feel like people are more cautious with me than I am. They’re like, “No, we’ll get you that water.” And I’m like, “I’m fully capable of grabbing my own water but I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I got this.” I don’t know. I’m not an actor that likes to have people at your ever beck and call unless I can’t leave the set because of whatever. At most, I’ll be like, “Can I get a PB&J because I’m really hungry right now and I can’t leave the set.”

So, I think I might be asking for more snacks than usual but I think people are being more careful with me that I’m being careful with me.

I try and stay fit and active and healthy for as long as I can. I don’t like to be sedentary and sitting down, like, “Oh, I’m pregnant. I can’t do anything.” No, no, no, no I’m fine.

How are you keeping healthy?

DR: I work out as much is my schedule permits me to. Obviously, have a toddler son I’m chasing him around and he’s pretty active but we have a really healthy household to be honest with you, not to say I don’t have snacks. I love chocolate, so I’m not extreme or anything like that. We try to eat as many greens as possible and we work out as much as we can. We host a work out at our house every Sunday that my husband kind of leads. We just went on Craigslist and bought a bunch of old gym machines and in our backyard we’ve made ourselves a little makeshift gym and we can have up to 10 friends and family members there. A lot of us have toddlers and are pregnant, so it’s really fun and it’s a great bonding experience.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs on Sundays on CBS!


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