NCIS:LA 6.16 Expiration Date Promo

When Callen and Sam are tasked with apprehending a spy contracted by the CIA, Sam is shot and the team enlists the help of Thapa, the elite Nepali soldier from their past, to help to find the shooter. Also, Kensi and Deeks have their first official argument, on NCIS: Los Angeles, Monday, Feb. 23 at 10/9c. Ernie Reyes, Jr. and Parminder Nagra guest star. Only CBS

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2015 peoples choice awards

Daniela Ruah and Eric C Olsen present the humanitarian award…….

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TheWrap´s “Drinking With the Stars” – ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Stars Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah Talk ‘Densi,’ Diving into Deeks’ Past and More

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah are well aware that you want their “NCIS: Los Angeles” characters, Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye, to get together.

During an episode of TheWrap‘s “Drinking With the Stars,” Olsen and Ruah discussed the popular CBS spinoff procedural, their co-stars, the big 100 episode milestone — and gave plenty of hope for “Densi” fans with their playful responses to the “will they, won’t they?” rumors.

The CBS actors also play a round of word association and answer Twitter questions in TheWrap’s latest edition of “Drinking With the Stars”. Check the entire 3-part video interview by clicking on the links below.

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Stunt work with Daniela

Take a look at what stunt work Daniela does for Monday nights season premiere

also a sneak peek

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Portugal’s CARAS magazine covers Danielas wedding

CARAS video of the wedding

and another video of the wedding

Added mostly the wedding ceremony of Daniela and David’s wedding of them both to the gallery.

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Personal > Candids > Daniela & David´s Wedding – Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Coconuts by Casa do Marquês – Hotel FAROL – 19/06/2014

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Daniela marries in a private ceremony

Daniela had her wedding dreams come true on June 19th when she married David Paul Olsen who is the brother and stunt double for Eric Christan Olsen and the father to their son River Issac.

Daniela Ruah, de 30 anos, casou-se ontem à tarde com o duplo norte-americano David Paul Olsen, de 38, numa cerimónia íntima e emotiva, no Hotel Farol Design, em Cascais. A atriz chegou à tenda onde decorreu a cerimónia de braço dado com o pai, Carlos Ruah, que não escondeu a ansiedade. “Estou muito emocionado. A Daniela não está nada nervosa, mas eu estou muito”, disse o médico, sorridente. O casamento contou com a presença de cerca de cem convidados, que, segundo o CM apurou, receberam um email dos noivos a pedir para não serem divulgadas nas redes sociais imagens da festa. A cerimónia, que decorreu em frente ao mar, juntou duas religiões – a judaica, de Ruah, e a luterana, de David – e foi conduzida pelos pais dos noivos. Depois do ‘sim’, os convidados seguiram para o copo-d’água, onde se ouviu a música ‘All of Me’, de John Legend. Eric Olsen, irmão do noivo e colega de Ruah na série ‘NCIS’, mostrou-se radiante: “Estou a adorar tudo.”


Daniela Ruah, 30, was married yesterday afternoon with the American double David Paul Olsen, 38, in an intimate and emotional ceremony at Farol Design Hotel in Cascais. The actress came to the tent where the ceremony took place on the arm of her father, Carlos Ruah, who did not hide his anxiety. “I am thrilled. Daniela is nothing nervous, but I’m very, “said the doctor, smiling. The wedding was attended by about one hundred guests, who, according to the CM found to have received an email asking for grooms not released images of the social networking party. The ceremony, held in front of the sea, joined two religions – Jewish, of Ruah, and Lutheran, David – and was conducted by the grooms parents. After the ‘yes’, the guests went to the wedding reception, where they heard the song ‘All of Me’, John Legend. Eric Olsen, brother of the groom and fellow Ruah in “NCIS” series, proved beaming: “I’m loving it.”


Daniela Ruah, de 30 anos, já é uma mulher casada. A atriz deu o nó esta tarde com o duplo norte-americano David Paul Olsen, de 38, pai do seu filho, River Isaac, de cinco meses.

A cerimónia aconteceu no espaço exclusivo da conhecida marca de catering Coconuts by Casa do Marquês, que fica dentro do Hotel Farol Design, em Cascais, e contou com a presença de 120 convidados, entre familiares e amigos do casal. Para a cerimónia, a atriz portuguesa reservou toda a unidade hoteleira. De salientar que cada noite naquele hotel pode ir até aos 600 euros.

Sabe-se que Daniela Ruah está instalada no Hotel Farol Design desde há três dias e hoje recebeu muitos convidados que testemunharam a felicidade que a atriz partilha com o pai do seu filho, o pequeno River Isaac, de cinco meses. Aliás, pai e filho foram surpreendidos ontem a passear em Cascais.

A viver há três anos com David Paul Olsen, Daniela escolheu o seu país para se casar. A cerimónia foi realizada pelo seu pai, Carlos Ruah, e também pelo pai do noivo, Paul, juntando assim as duas religiões: judaica e luterana.

A atriz, que disse o “sim” numa cerimónia frente ao mar, usou um vestido cai cai branco da marca espanhola Rosa Clará e o noivo trocou o tradicional fraque por um fato cinzento.

Na ementa não faltaram pratos tipicamente portugueses, como bacalhau, cataplana de peixe e arroz de pato. Daniela Ruah chegou a Portugal no final de maio e, desde então, tem preparado ao pormenor o casamento.

Fonte: VidasCM e DN


Daniela Ruah, 30 years old, is now a married woman. The actress tied the knot today with stunt-double David Paul Olsen, 38, father of her son, River Isaac, who is now 5 months.
The ceremony took place at the exclusive venue Coconuts by Casa do Marquês, which is located inside the 5 star “Farol Design Hotel”, in Cascais, with the attendance of 120 guests, among the couple´s family and friends.
The actress booked the entire hotel for the ceremony and reception. One can mention that every night at that hotel costs approximately 600 euros.
Daniela Ruah has been staying at Farol Design Hotel since the last three days and today she gave her welcome to many guests that witnessed the happiness she is sharing with the father of her son, little River Isaac. In fact, father and son were spotted yesterday strolling around Cascais.
Daniela and David have been living together for the past three years, and now the actress has chosen her home country and home town to celebrate her wedding. The ceremony was performed by her father as well as David´s, joining both religions together: jewish and lutheran.
The actress said “I do” in an intimate, personal ceremony by the sea, in a strapless bridal gown by spanish designer Rosa Clará and the groom exchanged the traditional tux for a formal grey suit.
The menu is tipically portuguese, with many traditional portuguese dishes like codfish, fresh fish Cataplana, and duck rice. Daniela Ruah arrived at Portugal at the end of May and she has been preparing the final wedding details ever since.

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TVGUIDE preveiws with Daniela tomorrows all new episode

Does what happens in Afghanistan stay in Afghanistan? For NCIS: LA’s Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), the answer is probably not.

On Tuesday’s episode (9/8c, CBS), Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Sam (LL Cool J) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) are sent to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi, who’s being held captive by the Taliban after a botched anti-terrorism mission in which she discovered that the alleged traitor she was sent to assassinate is none other than her former fiancé, Jack (Matthew Del Negro).

“I think this is probably my favorite episode that we’ve shot,” Ruah tells “It’s sort of like a movie. The action’s incredible. I think everybody was on their game, when it came to performances. There’s some really intense scenes. … It’s the team fighting for one of their own, which always makes for a good episode. There’s a lot at stake.”

The question, of course, is less whether Kensi will make it safely out of Afghanistan and more about what kind of condition she’ll be in when she returns. “She obviously cannot go unaffected by everything that’s happened,” Ruah says. “She’s a really strong woman and she does the best she can to get back in the job. She’s desperate to get back to normality, if that’s even a word. … I think there may repercussions later on with that.”

Hetty (Linda Hunt), for one, is “not entirely confident about Kensi’s psychological and emotional abilities when she first comes back,” Ruah notes. “So we’ll see how that pans out.”

Aside from any professional or emotional consequences, will Kensi’s encounter with Jack be the latest in a long line of wrenches thrown into her budding romance with Deeks?

“I think that there’s some sort of personal failure in Kensi’s mind … and I think it really hurts for her to think that she may have been part of why [Jack] had to leave. It’s definitely a painful situation,” Ruah explains. “I always feel like when you break up with somebody, if you break up because you don’t love them anymore, it becomes so much easier. But when you still love them and you have to break up for any other reason, it becomes really, really hard, and that’s kind of what happened to her. He left, and she still loved him, and she had to let those emotions pass with time, and all of a sudden [this] just rekindles everything. And of course, what does that do with her relationship with Deeks? Where does that stand? Does this sort of make everything go to zero, or does it make it stronger? We’ll have to see.”

While fans are clamoring for “Densi” to take their work partnership to the next level, Ruah is less convinced the two are destined to be together. “I don’t think anybody understands them better than they understand each other — but that could also make for a wonderful friendship,” she hedges. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll become a couple. I think they have to set their priorities straight, before anything could ever happen. What’s more important: their job or their future life together? … I’m actually indecisive of where I would like them to go.”

TV Couples: Should they or shouldn’t they?

That’s not to say Ruah doesn’t appreciate the Densi ‘shippers, however. “It’s really flattering,” she says of fans’ emotional investment in the plot line. ” It keeps me in a job, for one. If people didn’t find us amusing or entertaining, we wouldn’t be happening. I feel appreciative, and I love playing along with it.”

Of course, the Afghanistan story line was a way for the show to deal with Ruah’s real-life pregnancy. (She gave birth to a baby boy in December.) Ruah is grateful that, as a result, she was able to keep working until she was seven-and-a-half months along.

“They could have just said, ‘Oh, Kensi’s in Afghanistan. We’ll see her in two and a half months when she’s back,” Ruah said. “[But showrunner Shane Brennan] decided to incorporate that as a huge part of this season’s arc, and we got a few bigger developments with Kensi and Deeks because of it, and I’m just really, really happy that I got to do all that stuff. They sent me to the Hindu Kush because it’s cold, and I could wear layers and layers of clothing, which means we could hide my belly. In Episode 18 … I think I was about six months pregnant there, and I had to dig a small hole in the sand so I could lie on my front. And then when they start shooting at me, I had to sort of roll over and I just felt like a turtle on my back. I couldn’t get up.”

With Season 5 of the drama winding down, future episodes will reveal to viewers (via flashbacks) more details about Kensi’s ordeal in Afghanistan — and in some ways, will bring the season full circle. Will her experience mirror that of Deeks in the first few episodes, after he and Sam were tortured?

“I find it interesting how they react in two very different ways,” Ruah notes. “Deeks began to sort of doubt what he’s doing with his life and wonder if he should come back, where I think Kensi has a very different reaction. I think what she finds stability in is her job, and I think that’s what she’s going to hold onto to make herself not go crazy, or feel overly traumatized about what happened.”


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