6×08 The Grey Man Episode Stills

Added 3 stills from the episode to our Gallery.

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NCIS LA 5×01 & 6×01 Captures

Added captures from the Season 5 & 6 premieres to our Gallery.

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Watch June 2014 Scans

Added 2 scans from the issue to our Gallery.

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Portugal’s CARAS magazine covers Danielas wedding

CARAS video of the wedding

and another video of the wedding

Added mostly the wedding ceremony of Daniela and David’s wedding of them both to the gallery.

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Personal > Candids > Daniela & David´s Wedding – Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Coconuts by Casa do Marquês – Hotel FAROL – 19/06/2014

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Sorry there hasn’t been as much posting lately, I am trying to work on a new site layout and a gallery one as well so it gonna take sometime with the tweaks but the gallery has been updated with new images from episode stills to appearances of this year. If there are other things I missed I will have them posted as soon as i get time.

Appearance/Events > 2013 > Hennessy Toasts Achievements in Music Pre-Grammy dinner – 02/09

Appearance/Events > 2013 > Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents The 22nd Annual Hall Of Fame Induction Gala – 3/11

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3×01 Lange, H – BTS Photos

Photos were posted by Daniela on her twitter.

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Tons of TCA event pics of Daniela

Daniela recently attended the CBS TCA’s with her cast mates Eric Christian Olsen,Chris O’donnell, Ll Cool J,Rene Felic Smith, and Barrett Foa. Daniela and Eric also tweeted about the TCA and took some funny pics and looked amazing as always 🙂 They are in the gallery incase people didnt know.

Appearance/Events > 2012 > CBS/TCA UPFRONT – there are HQ ones and MQ ones mixed in.

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more 52nd Monte Carlo event pics

Daniela attended the 25th anniversary of The Bold and the Beautiful event yesterday night with NCIS’s Rocky Carroll…Today she attended the photocall for NCIS:LOS ANGELES today which was found by the lovely team at the ladies of ncis site 🙂

Appearance/Events > 2012 > 25th Years Anniversary of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful Monte Carlo event – 06/11
Appearance/Events > 2012 > 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival – Photocall NCIS Los Angeles 06/12/2012

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52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival arrival

Thanks to the lovely danielaruah webs for some great pics of Daniela attending in the honor of representing NCIS:LOS ANGELES at the Mote Carlo event. She was the only one that attended the event out of the other cast members. She has been working over seas as well mainly for portugal her native home which seemed to have given her travel time as well a break from the states till production of season 4 begins…..

Appearance/Events > 2012 > 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival 2012 06/18

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