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It seem the lovely Daniela Ruah has been nominated in a Portuguese version of the Golden Globes. She is nominated in Actress in Television and those who are fans of Daniela and live in Portugal will get a chance to win a car when they vote.

But in order for her to be in the category you need to call in TO VOTE IN Daniela Ruah: 760 20 70 02, not sure about how it works in portugal, if you are a citizen there and has the rights to vote/nominate be sure to add Daniela to the list.

more information check out XV Gala Globos de Ouro

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Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive look and interview with Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah along with scenes from tonight’s episode, mainly the nightclub scene that has been shown on the promos.

The nightlife is no party on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” as the crew investigates the Hollywood after-hours scene to solve a case on tonight’s episode. “It was a wild club with a thousand extras,” series star Chris O’Donnell tells ET. “It was crazy.”

The team is called in when a navy officer is found murdered. “He was caught up with a young Hollywood girl who’s out running in the scene with that whole crowd,” Chris explains. “We have to go undercover into that world to try to figure what happened.” While filming the episode, he says, “With a thousand extras and a very loud environment to be filming in, it was crazy!”

His co-star Daniela Ruah seemed to like the wild atmosphere, because she says: “The whole club situation makes it a really hot episode.”

Watch the video here @ E.T homepage to get a sneak peek, then tune in to “NCIS: Los Angeles” tonight on CBS.


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These are the remaining air date for the final 5 episodes. The titles will be revealed soon but dont forge to watch the new episodes to help boost the ratings!.

#20 04/27/10 – FAME
#21 05/04/10 – FOUND
#22 05/11/10 – HUNTED
#23 05/18/10 – BURNED
#24 05/25/10 – ? season finale

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the episode caps for tonight’s episode will be up soon as i get a chance to cap them, hopefully you all watched tonight’s amazing episode and next week will be another re-run but please be sure to keep watching and getting those ratings up! The show is coming back with another season but its nice to still know people are watching it even though the re-runs are long.

here are the caps to last nights episode:

NCIS LOS ANGELES>> season 01 epsiode>> 1X19 HAND TO HAND

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NCIS:LA’s Daniela Ruah Has Got Some Fight In Her interview by Matt Webb Mitovich. She talks about tomights all new NCIS:LA episode and other related things.

What do you like most about Kensi?
Her strength. And her mind. She’s very objective, with what she needs and wants. But at the same time, there’s a certain frailty to her. She has a messed-up background when it comes to her father, and she’s had to grow up substituting that father figure with being a strong woman.

want to read the rest click here

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