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In an exclusive interview with SIC´s Alta Definição, Daniela Ruah publicly announced she is engaged (the proposal was on New Year´s Eve on top of a mountain!) and expecting her first child (a baby boy!). The actress, who is engaged to stunt-double David Paul Olsen, is currently experiencing one of the best moments in her life, both professional and personal wise. VIA danielaruafans.com

Alta Definição Especial – Entrevista com Daniela Ruah from daniela ruah fans on Vimeo.

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Thanks to the lovely danielaruahfans for finding out that it has be officially confirmed in Portugal that Daniela is officially Engaged to David Paul Olsen who is the Stunt Double for Eric Christan Olsen aka his real life brother. There have been rumors going around but looks like Daniela is officially confirming her engagement to the Portugal magazine CARAS which will be out on news stands in Portugal soon.


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Congrats to Daniela, the rest of the cast & the crew of NCIS: Los Angeles for their 100th Episode!


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Tuesday, Sept. 24
8:00-9:00 PM NCIS (11th season premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM NCIS: LOS ANGELES (5th season premiere)

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Sorry, been working on designing a new look to the site which i know is taking so long but the gallery is always upto date with images of Daniela and the screen caps for season 3 and 4 will be getting up soon as well. But there has been news lately that Daniela has traveled back to Portugal to visit family and to promote the 2013 “Água das Pedras” publicity campaign that she had done previously for Portugal drink.



She attended a Press Event today at Hotel Mundial – Sunset ROOFTOP bar, in Lisbon thanks to danniruahfans for the info and to starsonline for the pics of Danni promoting the Água das Pedras drink.

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Chris O’Donnell has starred on NCIS: Los Angeles as special agent “G. Callen” for each of the procedural drama’s four seasons. Passionate about getting behind the lens, he recently directed an episode of the show, and ET gauged the cast’s reaction to his directing.

While a little friction between O’Donnell and his co-stars wouldn’t be entirely unexpected in his new role, the cast revealed that he was nothing but a pleasure to work with. If anything, his personal acting experience made it easier both for him and his co-stars in communicating orders.

“I’ve loved it,” said Daniel Ruah (“Kensi Blye”). “The expectation of Chris directing was very exciting, especially because as a cast I think we’re very open about giving each other ideas for scenes. …So, knowing the kind of notes that Chris has given me before not as a director were always great, I was kind of positively expecting him to be great.”

The episode marks the first time that O’Donnell has directed the show, which made for a unique experience for the cast. Renée Felice Smith (“Nell Jones”) credited his effective directing from the onset to his extensive acting experience.

“It’s kind of seamless, his rolling into directing,” she said. “…It just kind of makes sense for our show. He’s a great director because he’s very specific in what he wants and he talks to the actor. He’s an actor himself, so he knows how it feels. …It’s really been a great experience. I hope it happens more often.”

O’Donnell revealed that he was excited to be directing the show for the first time, saying, “I’m having a blast with it. I love it.”

While the NCIS: LA cast is tight-knit group, LL Cool J (“Sam Hanna”) assured that no pranks were played on O’Donnell and he wasn’t subjected to any hazing.

“I’m giving him all the love I can give him,” he said.

Check out the video to hear O’Donnell’s co-stars’ opinions on his directing gig as well as a sneak peek at tonight’s episode. NCIS: Los Angeles airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.


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For its 11th festival, the Los Angeles Sephardic Jewish Film Festival (LASJFF) needed an honoree for its gala, which takes place Nov. 11 at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. At the same time, the Portuguese-American actress Daniela Ruah needed a community. Or at least as much of a community as a busy young actress on a hit TV show can find time to fit in.

Which is probably why it was a kind of kismet that Rabbi Daniel Bouskila, director of the Sephardic Education Center (SEC), was half-watching “The Craig Ferguson Show” one evening in January, just as “NCIS: Los Angeles” star Ruah was being asked about her just-concluded 2011 holidays back in her homeland.

Ferguson asked Ruah about her experience at Christmas, and the actress replied that for her the celebration would be Chanukah.

“And he said, ‘I didn’t know you were Jewish. … How do you pronounce it
in Portuguese?’ And she said, ‘Chanu-KAH,’ ” Bouskila recalled. “The minute I heard that Sephardic pronunciation, I started Googling her. That night I sent an e-mail to [festival co-director] Neil [Sheff] saying, ‘I think I’ve found our honoree.’ ”

As it happened, a board member of the SEC was a close friend of the wardrobe manager for “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Through that connection, the SEC reached out to Ruah, who met with Bouskila and Sheff. The actress was flattered at the invitation, but puzzled, professing to consider herself unworthy yet of any career recognition.

“ ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ is sort of like the first big thing I’ve ever done here,” Ruah said. “I was so taken aback by this wonderful offer, so to speak, that I was, like, ‘Are you sure?’ They were so sweet. They said, ‘This is more that we’re proud you’re of Sephardic Jewish descent. We’re proud of where you are and where you’re going.’ ”

Confirmed Bouskila, “If Jews are very tribal, Sephardic Jews are even more tribal in pride over our own. She deserves it. It’s a big deal.”

more info

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October 31, 2012  judy No comments NCIS: LA, News, TV Appearances

Daniela recently guested on the Jeff Probst show…heres the interview:

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Finally there is a uploaded version of Daniela voicing the lead character in the Disney Movie BRAVE for the Portuguese fans, the trailer has her dubbing the voice of Princess Merida for the Portuguese version of the movie and she sounds amazing 🙂

thanks to danielaruah webs for uploading it and doing such a fabulous job 🙂 <3

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