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November 06, 2018  judy No comments Site

Hey everyone sorry for not updating the site as often with the new season thats been airing but I have added all the latest episode stills to the gallery along with some new header and layout designs to both the gallery and main site. I do love Daniela and support her and I know there has been lack of news but I am working on adding more and keeping up to date on the new season. Hope you all are watching and remember to also follow her on twitter and on Instagram she does post daily and is very active.

May 11, 2018  judy No comments NCIS: LA, Site

I am currently working on revamping the site and fixing it up with organizing the gallery and making new layouts. Also working on posting news and Daniela’s schedule while she is in Portugal doing some work since she finished filming NCIS:LOS ANGELES currently.

The news updates will be added shortly and sorry for the site being suspended there seemed to have been some virus issues that had been cleared up. I still love Daniela and all the work she is and has done and still a huge fan of hers but I have been sidelined with my other site ClaryandJace.net currently posting and updatng that site while lacking on this site but I still love them both and will have the site updated more when I organize things around.

I am not giving up on the site, There just been some lack of doing work on here but now with some time here and there from work and such I’ll be working on it more.

January 05, 2018  judy No comments Site

Sorry for the delay in updating the site, I am slowly working on adding and fixing things to the site and making a few changes, It might get a bit slow again with school starting back soon but I will try to keep it updated with news and gallery stuff when I get time.

I still adore Daniela that hasn’t changed but I have other priorities with some other sites and have not lost interest in NCIS: LA. The site has been up for a long time and this being 2018 will get better just takes time.

If you have other interests and want to take a look at some of my other sites check out the Family site section if you get a chance not that you have to.

April 19, 2016  judy No comments Site

I know I havent done this before but I wanted to let people know of another website that is related to CBS called TeamScorpion. The show airs before NCIS:LOS ANGELES airs on Monday nights. Please check it out if you are a fan of the show and spread the word if you know any fans of Scorpion. I havent found any fan sites for scorpion so I created one. Also Jess had some personal real life stuff going on so I am taking over the site completely and will get things organized.



March 04, 2016  judy No comments Gallery, Site

Added some new pics of Daniela thanks to the lovely and amazing as always danielaruah-fans.com (Portuguese site), I am sorry for being behind on the site but I am working on updating it with latest images and browsing the news but there is the Portuguese site for danni fans to check out she is an amazing webmistress but here we are working as best as we can to keep you updated as well. Jesse is updating the episode caps and I am working on doing those to computers like to be a pain so bear with us as we get things uploaded and added to the site and there maybe new layouts soon depends on how the coding and stuff turns out.

thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_1 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_3 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_7

thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_05 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_06 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_07

thumb_daniela_ruah_cosmopolitan_1 thumb_daniela-ruah-cosmopolitan-dezembro-2015_28529 thumb_daniela-ruah-cosmopolitan-dezembro-2015_28729

thumb_DR_ELLE_02 thumb_DR_ELLE_03 thumb_DR_ELLE_04


August 13, 2015  judy No comments Site

Due to FSO (fan-sites.org) closing its doors we are working on finding a new host to place the site on but for now we will have the site still up til its officially closed by Sept 10. SO please bear with us as things are being worked out to find a new place for the site and if and when the site gets moved more info will be posted.

March 13, 2013  judy 1 comment Gallery, Site

Sorry there hasn’t been as much posting lately, I am trying to work on a new site layout and a gallery one as well so it gonna take sometime with the tweaks but the gallery has been updated with new images from episode stills to appearances of this year. If there are other things I missed I will have them posted as soon as i get time.

Appearance/Events > 2013 > Hennessy Toasts Achievements in Music Pre-Grammy dinner – 02/09

Appearance/Events > 2013 > Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents The 22nd Annual Hall Of Fame Induction Gala – 3/11

April 12, 2012  judy No comments Site

Worked on a new header after seeing the new s3 promo still of Daniela and had the urge to make something spring like with brighter colors and use of the pics. Hope you enjoy the new look and comment with what you like about it too 🙂

May 30, 2011  judy No comments Site

Celebrity site of the day has listed us as their site of day yesterday. I forgot to post it but thanks to them for giving us the site of the day.

February 25, 2011  judy No comments Site

Created a new site for the CBS new/remake of the HAWAII 5-0. Please check it out =)

Also Jessica has made a fan site for fans of Chris O’donnell aka G. Callen, you can see it at Chris O fan, Shes been working hard on the site so please leave her some comments and show her the love =) and the hard work she has put on the site.

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