happy birthday Daniela

Wishing the lovely and amazingly wonderful Portuguese American talented actress Daniela Ruah!!

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Happy Turkey Day!!

From me and Jess we hope you all have a wonderful thanks giving and enjoy being with family and friends!!

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Gallery issue fixed

I was trying to update the gallery and had a bit of a problem but am working on getting it back up hopefully by today. Sorry for the downtime and the trouble the updates having. Be up soon =D

The gallery is back with a new layout and some of the stuff have been added back while more will be added. Sorry for the problem.

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New site!

There is a new layout and so far it looks ok, if there is something missing or wrong just leave a comment and let me know =) hope you like the new look. The gallery will get one as well soon so stay tuned for that to come in a few days but there is a fansite that i created for a syfy series called Haven. Please check out the site and let me know what you think of it becasue comments would be greatly appreciated.

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1×19 hand to hand caps

the episode caps for tonight’s episode will be up soon as i get a chance to cap them, hopefully you all watched tonight’s amazing episode and next week will be another re-run but please be sure to keep watching and getting those ratings up! The show is coming back with another season but its nice to still know people are watching it even though the re-runs are long.

here are the caps to last nights episode:

NCIS LOS ANGELES>> season 01 epsiode>> 1X19 HAND TO HAND

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Hi everyone! my names Judy the new co webmistress to daniela-ruah.net. I am a big fan of Daniela and I am here to keep other fans of Daniela up to date with images and news. I hope you enjoy the site and come back daily for news, images and info on things Daniela.

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Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Daniela Ruah Fan!  The newest site on the web dedicated to this beautiful & talented actress!  The site is still currently small but will definitely be growing in the future 🙂

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