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February 22, 2012  1 comment Gallery, NCIS: LA, News

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Kensi Blye is about to go on an intense emotional journey that’s so big, NCIS: L.A. needed two episodes to tell it.

The first part of the double ep, airing Feb. 21, finds Kensi suspected of murder when a man who was once on her father’s sniper team turns up dead — with much of the evidence pointing to her. “She’s determined to prove her dad’s death was a murder and not an accident, which you will then see if that’s the case or not,” previews Ruah. “She’s angry. She’s very angry about her father’s death. He was the man in her life and we also have a little surprise with another family member of hers, which I won’t say who it is. But there’s big turmoil in her life, and I think she’s close to getting what she wants and suddenly there’s interference.”

Becoming the center of this investigation leaves Kensi feeling “isolated,” says Ruah, despite her team’s support, and she struggles to keep her head straight. “She’s definitely confused when she’s given certain news in the beginning and she tries to put it together — she’s still an agent no matter what. She wants to crack the case. But at the same time, she’s extremely emotionally attached to this case, which can cloud your judgment sometimes,” she says. “There’s a very fine line between an assassin and someone who kills as an agent. There’s a fine line between revenge and doing something you have to do. She’s definitely put to the test with those two things.”

And in case you needed confirmation (this is, after all, an NCIS: L.A. two-parter), here it is: “Part 1 ends with something shocking,” she teases. And she’s not saying what it is.

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