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Daniela has been a busy bee working over seas in Portugal working n a new campaign called TAP Portugal which seems to be a new air port lounge for premium passengers which can be seen at the Lisbon airport, which people might already know but if you dont, you can read about it here

She has been campaigning along with Portugal actor Joaquim de Almeida.

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Daniela Ruah and Joaquim de Almeida, the Portuguese actors with the most projection in the North American market, are the new ambassadors of TAP and are the protagonists in the new campaign of the airline company, especially directed to the american market.
“With very different personal profiles, they both have in common the fact that they are Portuguese actors who live in Los Angeles. They have successful careers in Hollywood but their roots are in Portugal. A country that, now, they want to show the world”, TAP explains in a public statement.

The actors will present TAP, especially in the USA, where they have great visibility, as “the best option to reach Portugal and Europe”, making known the services of the company and the country.

“Together, they will be responsible for presenting TAP – especially with the North American market, a strong bet of the company – as the best option to reach Portugal and Europe, showing, on the one hand, the products available – the new Airplanes, the new lounge, the new chairs, the ‘Stopover’ – and on the other, the country – food and wine, culture and traditions. In the background, your home, “says TAP.

The first presentation of Daniela Ruah and Joaquim de Almeida as ambassadors of TAP was the new TAP lounge at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon (see video above).

In a press release issued on Thursday, July 13, TAP announces that, in addition to the new products of the company already mentioned, the two actors will soon appear in a new surprise production to present more initiatives of the Portuguese airline.

SOURCE:portugese website publituris translation from danielaruahfans.

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