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I know I havent done this before but I wanted to let people know of another website that is related to CBS called TeamScorpion. The show airs before NCIS:LOS ANGELES airs on Monday nights. Please check it out if you are a fan of the show and spread the word if you know any fans of Scorpion. I havent found any fan sites for scorpion so I created one. Also Jess had some personal real life stuff going on so I am taking over the site completely and will get things organized.



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Granger, O Promo



As Granger escorts Jennifer Kim (Malese Jow) back to Los Angeles, he interrogates her regarding a North Korean spy and she admits to knowing he is her father, on NCIS: Los Angeles, Monday, April 18 at 10/9c. Only CBS

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7×10 Internal Affairs (Captures)

Added 152 captures of the episode to the Gallery.

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7×08 – 7×09 Captures

[150] 7×08 The Long Goodbye
[317] 7×09 Defectors

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NCIS: Los Angeles – Episode 7.19 “The Seventh Child” PROMO/SNEAK PEEK

Callen and the team try to save a child in imminent danger who has been brainwashed by a terrorist cell. Also, Deeks and Kensi discuss having children, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, March 21 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

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5×07 – 5×08 Captures

[216] 5×07 The Livelong Day
[130] 5×08 Fallout

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Added some new pics of Daniela thanks to the lovely and amazing as always (Portuguese site), I am sorry for being behind on the site but I am working on updating it with latest images and browsing the news but there is the Portuguese site for danni fans to check out she is an amazing webmistress but here we are working as best as we can to keep you updated as well. Jesse is updating the episode caps and I am working on doing those to computers like to be a pain so bear with us as we get things uploaded and added to the site and there maybe new layouts soon depends on how the coding and stuff turns out.

thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_1 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_3 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_LUX_Magazine_7

thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_05 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_06 thumb_Daniela_Ruah_Womans_Health_07

thumb_daniela_ruah_cosmopolitan_1 thumb_daniela-ruah-cosmopolitan-dezembro-2015_28529 thumb_daniela-ruah-cosmopolitan-dezembro-2015_28729

thumb_DR_ELLE_02 thumb_DR_ELLE_03 thumb_DR_ELLE_04


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7×07 An Unlocked Mind Captures

Added 296 captures to the Gallery.

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7×05 – 7×06 Captures

[190] 7×05 Blame It On Rio
[130] 7×06 Unspoken

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