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May 11, 2018  No comments NCIS: LA, Site

I am currently working on revamping the site and fixing it up with organizing the gallery and making new layouts. Also working on posting news and Daniela’s schedule while she is in Portugal doing some work since she finished filming NCIS:LOS ANGELES currently.

The news updates will be added shortly and sorry for the site being suspended there seemed to have been some virus issues that had been cleared up. I still love Daniela and all the work she is and has done and still a huge fan of hers but I have been sidelined with my other site ClaryandJace.net currently posting and updatng that site while lacking on this site but I still love them both and will have the site updated more when I organize things around.

I am not giving up on the site, There just been some lack of doing work on here but now with some time here and there from work and such I’ll be working on it more.

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